Who we’ve worked with:

Macanese – Pharmacist

‘’Mana Vida offers a unique opportunity for everyone to challenge themselves and at the same time getting fit from the various sporting activities they organize.  They welcome everyone and offers support and help to the community in many ways like raising money and volunteering in many local charity projects.  Cintia and Gui’s attention to detail, professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile really makes all the difference.  I would recommend Mana Vida to anyone and would continue to support them in their growth in making a difference to our community.’’

Australian – English Teacher

“These classes are the only reason I get up at 6 am! The coaches are supportive with unwavering enthusiasm. The workouts are always dynamic and challenging but are also designed to bring people together. Having only moved to Macau recently, I found it a great way to create connections with others I might not otherwise have met.” 

Romanian – Raw Food Chef

“Fantastic trainers, very friendly and professional! Classes are fun, challenging and full of good energy! I love their boot camp and stretching classes. Mana Vida Group is amazing! We become like a family, we spend time together and we try all our best to help Mana Vida Charity Projects”

Macau TraIlHiker

“I have had the pleasure of engaging the services of Manavida on numerous occasions and also partnering with Manavida on community events in Macau. I recently engaged Manavida to provide corporate team building for an international conference that took place in Macau.  I believe that the founders have an awesome passion for excellence in the services they provide which is why I would have no hesitation in recommending this organization.”


Portuguese- Managing Partner of ORI Group

As a former partner and friend, I believe that this is an organization that trully helps the World. Cíntia and Guilherme (the founders of ManaVida) are a beautiful couple that care for others and believe that they can improve people´s lives with giving love by helping in any way they can – “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much(..)” (Luke 16:10).

May God bless you more and more!


Australian- Special Education Consultant

I began training with ManaVida end of 2017, attending ManaVida workshops and fitness classes with Cintia. Stretchylates became my regular weekly class. Cintia and Gui both share passion and care for all their clients. This translates into supportive classes and courses that empower participants to own their own success. After two years of regular training I know my whole life and being have grown as result of ManaVida in my life. Physical improvement is only the beginning of the list of gains; including confidence, self-awareness, health and wellness know-how and the power of the ManaVida network which spreads throughout Macau.