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One Oasis clean up!

So, we’ve been going around town to clean up serious damage. But we also need to bring peace and some sparkling hope to OneOasis neighbourh. There’s still very few spots where kids can run around without being hurt.. are we going to wait for the managment team? Why? you want the change? you start the change 😉
Let’s have some fun and be part of the community !!! 
Clean up Part 1- 6:45 PM Meeting at club house -Cintia Milk & Guilherme Martins will be there! 
Clean up Part 2- 9.30 AM Meeting at club house – Cintia Milk will be there! Clean up Part 3- (if still necessary) 6:45 PM Meeting at club house – Guilherme Martins will be there!

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 One Oasis Apartments 金峰南岸優質樓盤