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You & Me Fitness

ManaVida brings you the opportunity to have a special time with your child!

This is a Parent & Child class that helps to develop their skills, confidence and self esteem. This course offers Gymnastics, Dance, Play, Sing nursery rhymes and so much more! Parents can develop Social, Emotional skills and build a fit body with their babies.

This is a Charity session, conducted by Nair Cardoso as a ManaVida Volunteer which happens only ONCE A MONTH so make sure you grab your spot! 

About the teacher:
Nair Cardoso is Portuguese, she was raised in Macau, with a strong Chinese and Portuguese cultural background. She speaks fluent Cantonese, Portuguese, English and can communicate in basic Mandarin. After Macau handover, in 1999, she returned to Portugal for her university studies. She pursued a degree in Communication and Graphic Design and in Infant Education. Also a Master degree in Education in Sensory Play and Exploration. Currently, Nair is a Kindergarten teacher, she teaches ballet for several years and works in a playgroup with kids from 2 to 6 years old. She loves art, fitness, working out and traveling.

In 20014 Nair creates a group called YOU&ME a fitness activity for parents and child. Building relationships with your child and linked with fitness, is the best way to save time and enjoy life with your loves one

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 One Oasis Tower 11