Community Services


provides people with the opportunity to become active World citizen having a lasting, positive impact on society at large. Enables people to acquire life skills and knowledge, as well as provide a service to those who need it most. 

Volunteerism will definitely make you feel good about yourself- the fact that your helping others can decrease your stress and ease depression. How? When helping others, you create special bonds, you start paying attention to things around, grow new experiences and develop better interpersonal lifetime skills.

You want to contribute to the society but you don’t know how? One of our missions is to be the bridge between you and NGO’S of our trust!

There’s always a way to make this World a better place:


  • By applying for a membership, your annual fee contribution will be 100% for the NGOS ManaVida supports
  • Participate in our activities: check our schedule, grab your things and come!
  • Volunteering your skill: we offer free classes in exchange for specific services: check our recruitment page
  • Donating funds or supplies


  • How about running a workshop of your skill and donating your time? We can help you to set up what you need! Net profits gather from the entry fees would be donated to the charities we support or a specific charity of your choice!



  • We can set up a special healthy ManaVida meal- if people purchase this, the 10%service charge would be donated to support the charities.
  • Provide a discount to our ManaVida friends by requesting their membership cards;


  • You might have a product that our members would benefit from it. Could be anything such as a Tshirt or Matts Manufacture or as random as hair bands. If you are interested in having your product in our catalogue or a partner that we would always rely on, give us a shout and let’s talk business! But remember, your WHY should be the same as ours: HELP OTHERS


  • ManaVida is ready to develop a personalized program involving your business.
  • From team building activities to Wellness seminars|talks|retreats or how about having your staff signed for a regular Community service program?
  • Interested?  

For more information- drop us an email and we would send you a Volunteer Registration and Guideline book for further details!
ManaVida organizes every month some community activities that are totally free such as walks, runs, city clean up, etc.

Check our EVENTS and Join us!