Have you just started your exercise routine either because you need to get in shape or you’re recovering from an injury and you want to say to your coach ‘come on, take it easy on me!’

Or, there are a few days of the week, that your body is asking for mercy and you need an active recovery?

We all hear about HIT training and how much impact it has on so many people’s lives. And you probably tried but that pain of constantly hit hard and try to catch your breath and feeling nauseous afterwards is not your vibe. But, you don’t want to stop exercising, you want to keep moving! Even if you’re a very active person, make sure to add LIIT training at least once a week to your regular workout routine.

And yes, you will burn calories during a LIIT workout- This will simply be a reset button so that you can go slower than a sprint, recovery time is longer between exercises but with less impact to prevent further injuries.

Whether you’re 18 or 81, LIIT training can benefit you in the long run – what matters here is for you to move!

This session is also considered a Functional Workout designed to make your S.W.E.A.T (Strength, Workout, Endurance, Aerobic. Training).

Here you will use your body weight by using the TRX suspension equipment, kettlebells, sandbags, medicine balls, battle ropes and whatever necessary to challenge your entire body in every plane of motion with versatile, scalable tools to improve movement on the athletic field or in your daily life.