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Nair Cardoso is Portuguese, she was born in Lisbon. Nair was called by her nursery students as Nini, and later she adopts the nickname, Teacher Nini. Teacher Nini was raised in Macau, with a strong Chinese and Portuguese cultural background. She speaks fluent Cantonese, Portuguese, English and can communicate in basic Mandarin. After Macau handover, in 1999, she returns to Portugal for her university studies. In 2002 she finishes her Post Graduation degree in Communication and Graphic Design. She works several years in design, marketing, and events. A few years later, Teacher Nini took a degree in Infant Education and complete her Master in Education, focused on Sensory Play and Exploration. Teacher Nini believes that the education background helps her to raise her 2 children in a meaningful, happy and healthy environment. Her background in art and design helps her creativity to shines in her classroom. Her desire is to grow professionally as an education consultant. Learning is a construction process and a none static knowledge. As an Educator she tries to attend conferences, workshops, and courses to build knowledge, in which she can support her students. Teaching is meaningful! Her student's trust and smile is her biggest reward.
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