Mana what ?

2.pngHi Everyone! Welcome do MANA VIDA! If you haven’t done so, surf around the website to understand a little bit more about this new movement and what does it mean 🙂
Let me just quickly tell you something you should already know: YOU ARE A SUPERNATURAL BEING! YOU ARE THE MANA! You have the power to help the community around you by just getting up ur bed\seat\floor or drop your exhausting job for 1 hour and join the party!

We need you! People need you! At the moment our first goal is to give each kid\teenager from the Cradle of Hope and Fountain of Hope  a pair of Running Shoes to start making them realize how important is to stay active and healthy!

How can you donate? You can join our Body Sweat (120$mop) or Me&You session (200$mop)- part of the proceedings goes to the charity cause. Or you can simply email us requesting Bank details for direct donation.

In the mean time, get involved with our  free group activities, add your name to the contact list and follow our future blog posts!

We will be talking about different types of diets, exercises, where you can find specific healthy food\restaurants in Macau, personal motivational stories, YOU NAME IT! Let us know if you want to be part of the Blog team!! we need help!

Thank you everyone! Have a blessing week!

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