Whether you like to throw your meals together or whip up delicious masterpieces, we could all use a few time-saving tips! Here are my favorite tricks for saving time in the kitchen:

Use frozen veggies. If chopping’s not your thing, replace some fresh veggies with frozen. They’re nutritious year-round, and they’ll save you time at the cutting board.

Batch cook those grains! Whole grains are full of vitamins, minerals, fiber and healthy energy, but they can take a long time to cook.
My fix: I look at the days ahead and cook a big batch of grains all at once. Then when it’s dinnertime, I just scoop out what I need. (Plus, when I do one big batch, I only need to clean one pot!)

Divvy it up. At the beginning of the week, I get a big tub of plant-based yogurt and divvy it up into smaller containers, topping it with fresh fruit and nuts. Then, on a busy morning, I can grab my favorite go-to snack as I’m running out the door.

Make a plan (of sorts). Before I head to the store, I take a few minutes to get inspired and “plan” for the week ahead. (“Plan” is in quotes, because things rarely go as planned!)
Then, I know just what to shop for, and I eat better throughout the week. (Hint: Take a few minutes to “plan” your menu for the week!)

What are your time-saving tricks? I’d love to hear what makes you tick!

With light (and lightning speed),
Julia from:

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