Give Back

We want you to feel alive, active and healthy!

Not just you, and your friend! Be an impact in your circle and in the world- Help people you don’t know!

Life has its own enough worries. Change your attitude, embrace the difficulties with a smile- there’s always a little light waiting for you!

Why we do this?
ManaVida is a Social enterprise- and what do we mean with that? What’s the point of becoming rich and poor on the inside? Get up early, eat, go to work, workout, eat, socialize, sleep and start all over again- that is the normal world routine that we want to break out from. Every action should contribute to a better future not just locally but worldwide!
As a participant, you redefined yourselves as citizens of the world.

Where do we get our profit?
Paid active sessions, membership fees, special events, and supplies such as T-shirts, water bottles, etc…)
For more information, please contact us through our contact form.

With your support, we are able to offer free sessions to missionaries, volunteers and people that cannot afford fitness facilities fees- We might be helping either the person who takes care of your child or the person cleaning up the streets.
Also, developing a Volunteer program where you or your child can apply and learn the true meaning of community.

We seek organizations that we visit and trust.
So this is the way we discover our purpose in life- and hopefully helping you discover yours!
We apply commercial strategies to maximize improvement in social and environmental well being.
For every profit gained, we give a % to a specific cause that we trust and support.

Our mission
As a ManaVida friend- the annual fee is 100% for charity. Non-members can support by participating in the activities, volunteering time, raising funds or donating supplies.